Contrary to popular belief meditation is easy and can radically change your life.

If you are going to experience the illusory nature of the ego and as a consequence be able to live effectively on the planet with your 8 billion fellows – you will want to know what is driving your day to day action and relationships. The up to date knowing of how your mind really works is an essential component for this. Meditation is the key to this awareness.

Meditation is »awareness« and »focus« – two components of normal effective living.

The first step is aware realization, easy enough.

The second step is to move your awareness to the subtle energy field surrounding the body; developing your awareness of the subtle that was always there but not focused on.

Then joy arises; your own pharmacy of serotonin is released to give you a pleasant feeling.

Thereafter you drop into a silent place, what a relief. The mind may still be active but it is not the primary focus; it begins to fade away into insignificance.

Keep the process up every day for a few days and your perception of your world will begin to change around you. You will be interested enough to be hooked by the process.

Not long after – if you are in luck – you will experience the disappearance of your ego. Out of that place a totally different and exciting world opens up.

Try it.

For more information about Jhana meditations see the book “The Call of the Magic Stone“ published by Arupa®.

Lewis Hamilton plans quiet August to ‘focus on recovery’

Hamilton traditionally spends the summer in various places around the world relaxing and enjoying himself, riding on jet-skis and doing other adrenaline sports, and sometimes partying.

But he said this year would be different.

„I will spend a lot of time with family,“ he said. „I am a night owl, and I tend not to sleep that much, and I want to shift that and see the sun rise, wherever I am.

„And I might try meditation, a few different things, a healthier lifestyle. My close friends will be doing the same, so I will be doing a lot more reading. I’m excited about it.“