The Other Perception TOP workshops are for people who are in search of achieving their full potential.

The conventional everyday existence with its system of activity and rewards: «getting and spending we lay waste our powers» as Wordsworth put it, no longer attracts.

There is a yearning for something other – an expansion of awareness through which the simple becomes sweet.

This is a hero‘s journey: going out and beyond the range of your previous experience and finding something within you that is a piece of the mystery of life.

It is your journey. The team of Arupa are there as facilitators.

The resources to embark on this odyssey will be there. The courage to face the adventure at the ready. The willingness to venture into the inner unknown to hand. These are the attributes that are necessary for exploring with the team at Arupa the next stage of your life.

The Other Perception – TOP Workshops

Arupa runs TOP experiential workshops through which you directly experience what it is like to expand your own individual awareness. If you really want to know who you are and what potential this life offers you, Arupa will assist you in this quest.

The Arupa Academy is in the forefront of exploration into the awareness of human consciousness. We offer in-depth intensive courses where you get to probe deeply into your own psyche and uncover what you are capable of.

Among other things, you learn highly effective meditation techniques, which are easy – yes, really easy – to integrate into your life, so that you have a direct way of managing your own mind.

The courses are designed to be lighthearted, engaging, fun and effective.

These are no ordinary workshops.

The intention is to give you the opportunity to become a more fulfilled human being at peace and harmony with yourself and integrated effectively into your chosen world.

TOP workshops will be five days at a suitable venue in Ticino, Switzerland that allows full attention on the task at hand. There are limited places available on each workshop so that the group can come together and every person receives direct attention.

Your investment will be 2‘500 CHF plus single room and meals at 270 CHF per day.

It is planned to have a basic workshop with further optional weeks at intermediate levels and finally an advanced opportunity.

TOP Workshops

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